Carrot - Nigeria’s Foremost Online Will Writing Platform
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Ade and Aisha carrot

Nigeria’s Foremost Online Will writing Platform

Secure your estate online for your loved ones through Will and Trust

Plan Your Estate within minutes

Securely plan your estate through legally binding Wills and Trusts right from your digital devices in the comfort of your home/offices, updatable in real-time.

Carrot Aims to Help Nigerians Make Wills, Organize Assets and Secure Their Financial Future.

Life is full of uncertainties and risks. We all face these challenges irrespective of social class, ethnicity, religion and other factors. These are the realities of life. Those who succeed in life are those who acknowledge these uncertainties and hence, arm themselves with a well-planned strategy on how to face and overcome these challenges. One of the challenges in Nigeria today is that of inheritance and estate planning. It is generally believed that the making of wills is an exclusive preserve of the rich. This assumption is patently false. Ask Carrot Technologies Limited for all the answers you need on the making of wills and inheritance and estate planning.

Carrot Technologies Limited is a financial technology firm (Fintech) with special focus on inheritance and estate planning. Our mission is to simplify access to estate planning for everyone and everywhere. Carrot is a one stop online platform that provides estate planning solutions for subscribers to securely create, update and schedule the execution of their wills and other testamentary instruments including Deed of Gifts in real time. Our platform is accessible from all locations and at any time. Carrot enables testators to appoint guardians for their children and aged parents, appoint trustees, witnesses and executors on the platform. The distinctive benefits of a Carrot subscriber is that you also get a N1 million Personal Life Insurance cover and a N100,000 Medical Expense Cover from Royal Exchange Assurance Plc and Leadway Insurance Plc.

Carrot helps families break through the perceived challenges of securing and protecting their families’ financial future. It overcomes the difficulty, costs, and isolation that most people experience while trying to complete essential legal and financial tasks. Carrot enables you to make a legal and valid will, purchase a health, life, travel and unemployment benefits insurance and organize your inventory of assets – in minutes and with just a click.

This unique social experience also makes it easy for users to invite family and friends to serve important future roles, encouraging transparent dialogue about hopes and expectations. Carrot guides users through these decisions, and makes them easy to change at any time, with just a click on their phones. It combines many of the tools used by the wealthy and makes them accessible and affordable to all families.

Carrot is removing all barriers that prevents most families from getting the kind of legal and financial protection they need and deserve. We have made it enjoyable, convenient and secure for everyone to create a financial security plan and organize their assets easily by visiting our website ‘’. Families can finally take this off their perpetual ‘to do’ list – in a way that is social, and even enjoyable, right from the comfort of their homes, offices or on the road”

Wouldn’t you rather turn this into comfort and security for you and your loved ones? #ThinkCarrot. Our experienced team comprises of experts who are lawyers, trust and estate practitioners, bankers, tax consultants and financial advisers. We cordially invite you to give it a trial today?