Carrot - Nigeria’s Foremost Online Will Writing Platform
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Ade and Aisha carrot

Nigeria’s Foremost Online Will writing Platform

Secure your estate online for your loved ones through Will and Trust

Plan Your Estate within minutes

Securely plan your estate through legally binding Wills and Trusts right from your digital devices in the comfort of your home/offices, updatable in real-time.

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Enjoyable, convenient and secure for your estate plans.
WSA Winner Carrot
Carrot Technologies Selected As Best National Digital Solution
Carrot Technologies was nominated as best national digital solution for Nigeria for the international World Summit Awards.
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Carrot Aims to Help Nigerians Make Wills, Organize Assets and Secure Their Financial Future.
Life is full of uncertainties and risks. We all face these challenges irrespective of social class
Carrot Logo - Nigeria’s Leading and Award Winning Online Will Writing Company celebrates workers.
The company gave the advice in a statement on Wednesday to commemorate 2019 Labour Day...
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Children’s Day: Tips on How to Pick the Right Guardian for Your Child
One of the most important decisions you may have to make as a parent is to appoint a guardian or ...