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Ade and Aisha carrot

Nigeria’s Foremost Online Will writing Platform

Secure your estate online for your loved ones through Will and Trust

Plan Your Estate within minutes

Securely plan your estate through legally binding Wills and Trusts right from your digital devices in the comfort of your home/offices, updatable in real-time.

Carrot in the News
We are constantly evolving to provide access to simple legal solutions for your estate planning needs.
The business of writing wills
Life is full of uncertainties and risks. We all face these challenges irrespective of social class, ethnicity, religion and other factors.
Nigerians can leverage technology for better insurance cover
Carrot Technologies Limited, a financial technology firm (FinTech) start-up with special focus on inheritance and estate planning.
vanguard to revolutionise estate planning in Nigeria, an estate planning platform with special focus on inheritance and estate planning is poised to help Nigerians
Firm develops mobile app for will making
A team of young Nigerians have developed an app, Carrotng, to enable people securely create their wills.
lailasnews, a one stop shop to estate planning, will-making, berths in Nigeria, has berthed in Nigeria with a vision to be a dominant digital estate planning player in Africa
Introducing, a FinTech Company Set to Simplify Access to Inheritance and Estate Planning Online
A FinTech company has berthed in Lagos with a vision to be a dominant digital estate planning
itpulse in Nigeria with digital platform to alter estate planning processes
A one stop shop to estate planning has unveiled its digital platform, that would ultimately alter the usual ways of estate management.
Less Than 5% Nigerians Write Wills, as Assets Planning Platform Debuts
Carrot Technologies Limited has raised concerns over low penetration of wills
Introducing, a Fintech Company Set To Simplify Access To Inheritance & Estate Planning Online
A one-stop shop to estate planning has unveiled its digital platform